Nang Rong: "Loy Krathong"

Sinnanya Singlor

Nang Rong

Buriram Province


November 25 2007

Dear Puky,

(cc: Family and Friends)

Thank you for making the beautiful kratongs for me and for Buloy, my friend from the Nang Rong Resort Hotel. We went to the full moon festival last night, and along with many other Thai people, we first lit the candles and then floated the kratongs on the lake.

Several local organizations decorated very large kratongs with dragons and elephants.  There were floats dedicated to the King. It's amazing that the floats are made almost entirely of fresh flowers. Everyone enjoyed the colorful kratongs and the fireworks, especially the young children and the teenagers

Last year I celebrated Loy Kratong in Chiang Mai where I launched the traditional candle/kite into the dark sky. Three years ago I celebrated my first Loy Kratong in Nang Rong.*  Nang Rong is my favorite town in Thailand.  I have been here many times and feel at home with my Thai and European friends.

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday with your family in Si Saket. Thank you again for the thoughtful gift.

Your friend,

Papa Jan


The book, Essays on Thailand offers the following explanation of Loy Kratong: "The festival is of Brahmin origin which people offer thanks to the Goddess of the water. Thus, by moonlight, people light the candles and joss-sticks, make a wish and launch their Krathongs on canals, rivers or even small ponds. It is believed that the Krathongs carry away sins and bad luck, and the wishes that have been made for the New Year to start. Indeed, it is a time to be joyful and happy as the sufferings are floated away."


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