Tartu: Jewish Cemetery



August 20, 2014

Jewish Cemetery, Roosi Street, Tartu

Herr Schapiro buried his young daughter here (1898-1922) and then his wife Hinde Simon (1923).

The Bakst Family is here.  Slomo (1872-1940).  Liuba (1868-1949).  Boris (1901-1941).

Kune Lea Kaplan (1876-1926)

Aisik Grinson (1847-1924)

Ernestine Flachs (1868-1910)

Aron Liebermann (1879-1925)

Samuel Blum (1860-1913)

A.J. Sois (1886-1913)

Abram Pasternak (1864-1928) was buried here by his wife.

Amalie Sohat Shatsevski (1887-1948)

Sasha Goldmann (1856-1928)

Bertha Aronowitsch (1889-1934)

Smeloi Leie Sevah died too soon. (1926-1944)


There are three Jewish Cemeteries in Tartu.  One is not preserved and only a few stones remain. (1859-1895)

The second is a modern site.  (1935-Present)

I chose to visit the cemetery on Roosi Street.  (1895- 1948)  The grounds and the gravesites are in good condition.

Given the Eastern European location here in Tartu, Estonia, and given the ever-changing territorial alliances and migration of peoples, the variety of names and spellings is surely to be expected.

By today’s standards, life expectancy was short.  Only a few lived into their sixties or seventies.

Was Mister Kpemep (Kremer) a stone mason?


For more information of the Jewish history in Estonia, please read these websites. The list of prominent Estonian Jews is short, yet impressive.