Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Hello from Luminita


Florida, USA

September 30, 2001


How are you “Mr. Crazy American"?

Of course I remember you, and I'm happy you remember us.

I think you had a nice holiday in The Balkans.

I was in Bulgaria when I was in high school and last year I passed through when I went to Turkey, but I didn’t see very much. I have never been to Greece but I think is the country I want to visit as soon as possible, but who knows?


You were at Delphi - the center of the Earth. It is said that Zeus sent two eagles from the two extremities of the Earth in order to find the center of the Earth. The eagles stopped at Delphi, above amphalosului-a holy stone. So, you were at the center of the Earth. Even if the Pythia wasn't there, I think you “Know yourself” much better now.

I am well and I try to enjoy every day. I spent five days in Maramures and Moldova with my family and then they went to the seaside. Now I am back at my job.

I hope you have improved your skills at the piano.

About Cluj, what can I say? Tell me what are you interested in and then I’ll try to write. Or you’ll be soon back to see everything with your own eyes.

If I can do something for you here don’t hesitate to ask me to help you.

Best regards,


Letter from Luminita. 2.


Finally you are “back to normal.”

I enjoyed your description of the scenery in Maine. I think everything is wild and nice there. I can imagine the beauty of the coastline.

Are you still thinking about your adventure in The Balkans? Come again and write a book. You’ve already found the title: "Adventure in the Balkans." Or compose a concerto for piano with the same title.

I was in your footsteps in Maramures and Moldova. Yes you are right: Dragomirna Monastery is a special place. Forests of beech, oak and birch trees – a place of rare beauty. Maybe the most important thing: silence and silence in the middle of this special scenery.

I do love to dream too, and I think when we can’t dream we are already dead.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget to write!

All the best to you,



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