Kazakhstan: Mangystau

Boszhira Valley

Boszhira Valley

Mangystau Region


October 18, 2018

I couldn’t find the appropriate words to describe my visit to Boszhira.  My only reaction was, “This is another planet.”

Here are excerpts from aboutkazakhstan.com:

Many people think that Kazakhstan is one huge flat steppe.  But there are places in the country that are true natural wonders.

One example is the tract of Boszhira, a mountain range located on the Ustyurt Plateau on the Mangyshiak Peninsula in the Mangystau Region in south-western Kazakhstan.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan

Giant Stone Balls

Torysh Valley



Торишская долина, Казахстан

October 21, 2018

I was privileged and fortunate to have visited Torysh Valley or the Valley of the Giant Stone Balls in Kazakhstan.  At first I thought they were unique.  But I learned that these formations appear in other parts of the world. (See the essay below for locations in California, North Dakota and Ontario.)

Please take your time to read the essay below and to view my photo galleries and videos of this astonishing site.

Dependent - Independent Part Two





October 24, 2018

Out west, in the Mangystau Region, a herd of camels in the desert is a common sight, especially for my driver.  But I insist we stop at a watering station. 

I introduce myself to the camel herder and his sons.  They are most welcoming and certainly curious about me.  I watch in fascination as their tall and thirsty animals slurp, shake and swallow big gulps. (Camels can drink 30 gallons of water or 113 liters in just 13 minutes.)

My driver Vladimir suggests we visit one of his secret places.  Of course, I agree.  Our “secret place” is a long, white, crenelated valley that can easily be missed from the road.  We are alone above the valley as we observe the blindingly bright white, deeply gouged formation.